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Subject: minutes for OASIS SSTC conf call, 2005-09-13

(Sorry for the delay. - RL "Bob")

OASIS SSTC conference call minutes, 2005-09-13
scribe:  RL "Bob" Morgan

**  Summary


   accept errata items PE-27 and PE-30

   form SAML Adoption subcommittee

New action items:

   AI:  Steve A will send note to TC regarding which documents we intend to
   vote on on the 2005-09-27 conf call to go to public review

**  Detailed Minutes

   1. Attendance/call to order.

Conor P. Cahill noted as still on hook to take minutes "next time".

   2. Approve minutes from 30-Aug con-call


Minutes approved.

   3. sstc-saml-tech-overview-2.0-draft-08.pdf


   DISCUSSION: Are we ready for CD vote? This was proposed in  the minutes 

Eve:  still not quite done, graphics not revised
discussion of whether to go to CD or CS with this document
   and whether to bundle with other pending documents
   probably not ready to go out with rest of bundle
   that bundle is?
AI:  Steve A will send note to TC regarding which documents we intend to
   vote on on the 2005-09-27 conf call to go to public review

   4.  *Proposal for SAML Adoption Subcommittee <msg00000.html>


Moved (by Hal Lockhart) to form subcommittee, seconded (by Mike Beach).
Eve:  concerned about "gatekeeper aspect" to proposal
Mary:  all press releases from TC go thru OASIS, not directly from TC
   so this subcommittee wouldn't affect that
Steve:  subc just reports back to main TC, doesn't do stuff on its own
Jeff:  line in charter about "managing communications" is the problem
Eve:  do we want to say "actively recruit new members"?
   propose changes to indicate "assist OASIS" in communication
Steve:  also can subc "establish relationships" with other TCs?
Mary:  no, subc can't do it on its own
Hal:  preface with "with the approval of the TC, subc will ..."
Prateek:  do we have too many changes to approve this week?
Steve:  motion tabled for now, awaiting Eve's revision

   5. Review of open issues in sstc-saml-errata-2.0-draft-15.pdf


Jahan:  move to accept errata item proposed by Scott, PE-27.
RL "Bob" seconds.  Approved without objection.

   a)  *new SAML 2.0 errata/issues*


Rob:  many errata proposals ...
Jahan:  these became PE-28 thru PE-34

Jahan:  move to accept PE-30, RL "Bob" seconds, no objections.

PE-31:  items 2, 3, accepted.  For items 1 and 4, would like confirmation
   from Scott before approval.

PE-32:  AI:  Rob will propose text for missing section.

PE-33:  change accepted.

PE-34:  change accepted.

Consider Eve's modified proposal on adoption subcommittee proposal, in

Various:  noises of approval
Prateek:  any objections to amended motion?
   passed with no objections.
   Merritt will be chair, Mary will set up list etc.
Merritt:  please vendors, notify your marketing folks
Mary:  subcommittees are now being announced in OASIS member news
question:  subc members have to be voting members?  voting in subc?
   Rob:  subc members must be TC members, but subc can have observers
   Mary:  subc can make its own process, forward materials to TC as needed

Outstanding AIs:

232:  no update from Nick

231:  no update from Scott

230:  no update from Eric

229:  should be assigned to Prateek, he will respond this week

225:  no update from Scott

224:  Rob supposed to check with Rick before closing, still open

216:  Jahan:  still open

180:  still open



Voting Members

Abbie	Barbir	Nortel
Mike	Beach	The Boeing Company
Sharon	Boeyen	Entrust
Conor P.	Cahill	AOL, Inc.
Brian	Campbell	Ping Identity
Guy	Denton	IBM
Frederick	Hirsch	Nokia
Jeff	Hodges	NeuStar
Ari	Kermaier	Oracle
Hal	Lockhart	BEA Systems, Inc
Paul	Madsen	NTT Corporation
Eve	Maler	Sun Microsystems
Prateek	Mishra	Principal Identity
Jahan	Moreh	Sigaba
Bob	Morgan	Internet2
Vamsi	Motukuru	Oracle
Anthony	Nadalin	IBM
Ashish	Patel	France Telecom
Rob	Philpott	RSA Security
Gilbert	Pilz	BEA Systems, Inc.
Darren	Platt	Ping Identity
Nick	Ragouzis	Enosis Group
Irving	Reid	Hewlett-Packard Company
David	Staggs	Veteran's Health Admin
Greg	Whitehead	Trustgenix
Emily	Xu	Sun Microsystems

Non-Voting Members

Peter	Davis	NeuStar
Jim	Lien	RSA Security
Merritt	Maxim	CA

Membership Status Changes

Andy	Hedges	CapGemini		Granted TC Membership 9/7/2005
Shaheen	Abdul Jabbar	JPMorganChase	Requested membership 9/8/2005

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