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Subject: Interop Test question: Metadata 2.0 EndpointType question

We have a small difference of opinion I'd like to resolve.

The EndpointType (starting line 225 of Metadata spec) provides an optional

    The ResponseLocation attribute is used to enable different endpoints
    to be specified for receiving request and response messages associated
    with a protocol or profile, not as a means of load-balancing or
    redundancy (multiple elements of this type can be included for this
    purpose). When a role contains an element of this type pertaining to a
    protocol or profile for which only a single type of message (request
    or response) is applicable, then the ResponseLocation attribute is

We have one implementation ("A") that is omitting the ResponseLocation from
its metadata specification for HTTP-Redirect SLO because the Location
endpoint can handle both the request and response.  Another implementation
("B") interprets the text above to mean that the ResponseLocation should
only be omitted for the SOAP binding, and is requiring that the
ResponseLocation be specified in metadata for other bindings.

I tend to agree with "A", but wondered if anyone (besides "B") sees a
potential for confusion in the usage of EndpointType.

Eric  Tiffany             |  eric@projectliberty.org
Interop Tech  Lead        |  +1 413-458-3743
Liberty Alliance          |  +1 413-627-1778 mobile

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