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Subject: Re: [security-services] Minutes with attendance for 25-Oct SSTC con-call

Hi all,

Cameron Morris wrote:
>    1. /Abbie/Prateek: Submission to ITU T/
>          1. Final approval this winter.  There may be objections to our
>             use of SSL, instead of TLS.
>          2. Any comments on PAOS? No.
>          3. They want to make a security review
>          4. More details to come
>                1. This could require a change to text. editorial changes
>                   only, (references to SSL should be informative) 
>          5. Soonest possible is January 16th, More likely in April

Let me be a bit more accurate on item 5. There is a Working Party 
meeting of the security Questions of ITU-T SG17 in January, but it is 
not intended to give Consent to any text. At the moment, the SAML text 
is planned for Consent at the April 2006 meeting of ITU-T SG17 (in Jeju 
Island, Korea).
I think this is a reasonable target and it gives us time to submit the 
text as a Contribution well before the meeting so that ITU-T Members 
have time to review it.
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