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Subject: Re: [security-services] RE: Comments on draft-cantor-saml-sso-delegation-01

Scott Cantor wrote:

>Before answering, let me note that I wasn't specifically submitting this as
>a TC proposal, I think there would need to be consensus on specific use
>cases needing work from the TC first.
>Thought I'll say for the record that I do think the TC ought to *at least*
>consider defining a profile for expressing simple delegation in SAML
>assertions as part of its role, and that combining this with the existing
>SSO profiles would be a reasonable (and simple) follow-on to that.

Understood; I had meant my comments to be interrogativel ("why/what if") 
rather than prescriptive.

I understand that the use-cases and community you are dealing with may 
be oriented in a certain direction.

I agree this is an interesting/important problem and that we should try 
to figure out some ways forward.


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