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security-services message

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Subject: Agenda for 22-Nov SSTC con-call

Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950; Access code: 270-9441#


1.       Attendance

2.       Approve minutes of 8-Nov con-call:

a.       Minutes from Nov 8 TC call with revised attendance

3.       Errata review: draft-20

a.       http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/security/download.php/15514/sstc-saml-errata-2.0-draft-20.pdf

4.       List discussions:

a.       (Prateek) Comments on draft-cantor-saml-sso-delegation-01

b.       (Scott) RE: [security-services] Two potential errata items

c.       Scott, Conor - [saml-dev] Subject confirmation.

5.       Process for obtaining SAML implementation feedback?

a.       From interop events

6.       AI review (see below)

7.       Any other business?

8.       Adjourn


Action Items:



#0216: Formulate some suggested redline text for PE10 for review.

Owner: Jahan Moreh



#0237: Interop Test question: Metadata 2.0 EndpointType question

Owner: Eric Tiffany

11-Oct: Option "A" in the list email is the preferred interpretation. Eric to propose text.



#0180: Need to update SAML server trust document


30-Aug: Jeff will not have time anytime soon to update the draft that was posted. It was suggested that the info in the doc is useful, so the AI is being left open in the hope that someone will volunteer in the near future to take over as editor.



#0234: Nick to prepare some text for PE 23.

Owner: Nick Ragouzis*



#0238: Plan for red-line versions of SAML 2.0

Owner: Eve Maler


Mr. Prateek Mishra 2005-11-08 04:10 GMT

Should we produce red line versions of spec's soon?

Proposed goal, build red-line spec by end of year.

Scott: it would be nice to make these more normative.

Pratek, Errata should go through the standards process.

Does the original specification imply an errata, thus no need to make a new normative?

Action Item: talk to Mary McCray about re-approving errata

Why not take an errata/red-line to standard?

Why not make a schedule to publish red-lines? - Maintenance

Target vote/public review at the end of the year.

Action Item: Have Eve coordinate this, Scott will help


Rob Philpott 2005-11-21 22:49 GMT

Per 8-Nov con-call: Eve-supposed to research on whether this was OK, she thinks OASIS said yes. CYA notification as to non-normative vs normative. Just haven't found the time. Keep my name on AI with speed caveat.

Scott- I will help (if necessary)



#0224: Re-work X.509 Authn attribute protocol profile to address SSTC comments.

Owner: Rob Philpott


8-Nov: pinged Rick Randall, he did not reply. There is interest in the TC to move the spec to CS regardless of the answer from Rick. Need to make sure Rob's proposed text addresses Conor's concern.

TomW- I can help too.

Rob to send proposed text to list for comment.



#0241: Response to Gartner March 05 note

Owner: Merritt Maxim

Per 25-Oct con-call: there was discussion that the Adoption

SubCommittee could look into this



#0230: SAML Conformance SSL/TLS requirements

Owner: Eric Tiffany

Mr. Prateek Mishra 2005-09-13 02:56 GMT

Eric is concerned because implementation will be able to run over TLS, but spec actually says you must implement TLS.



#0240: Status of SAML 2.0 submission to ITU T

Owner: Abbie Barbir

Per 8-Nov con-call: editing in progress. Need to clear up process between OASIS and ITU. Eve volunteers to review submission. Prateek volunteers to help with editing. Abbie reports it must be in WORD format.



#0235: Various Editorial Changes

Owner: Eve Maler



Mr. Prateek Mishra 2005-10-11 03:35 GMT

1. Eve to change the FAQ answer for 1.0-to-1.1 to remove the


> of compatibility and to comment on the fact that products that support

> V1.0 also implement V1.1, such that it's a product compatibility issue


> and a partner communication/contract issue to choose one.


Mr. Prateek Mishra 2005-10-11 03:37 GMT

Eve to update the rev 06 Xpath draft to CD status and to update the

> website to point to it


Rob Philpott 2005-10-24 22:05 GMT

11-Oct: Still not quite done. Eve is breaking FAQ into a Questions and Answers format. Expects to post revised XPath draft soon so it can be linked from the web page.


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