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Subject: SAML Authority and Requester Conformance question

Title: Message
In terms of Table 4, SAML Authority and Requester Matrix. What do following mean:
1. A  SAML <x> Authority responding to an <y> Query.  E.g., an Attribute Authority responding to an Authn or Authz Decision Query?  It doesn't seem to make sense as authorities should response to the respective queries. So the OPTIONAL items under the authorities should be N/A.
2. The SAML Requester column. Does this mean the capability of "issuing" the respective query/request/URI from  the first column? So implicitly any browser satisfies the last box (i.e., ability to issue a SAML URI Binding request).
Thanks, Tom.

Thomas Wisniewski
Software Architect
Phone: (201) 891-0524
Cell: (201) 248-3668
Securing Digital Identities
& Information


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