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Subject: Use of Audience as delegation flag

An internal comment from Oracle about the use of an <Audience> element 
to "flag" an assertion that might be delegated.

In sstc-saml-constrained-delegation-draft-00 an audience element with value:


is used to signal delegation.

Now, core-02 describes <audience> in the following way:


A URI reference that identifies an intended audience. The URI reference 
MAY identify a document
that describes the terms and conditions of audience membership. It MAY 
also contain the unique
identifier URI from a SAML name identifier that describes a system 
entity (see Section 8.3.6).

The question is whether this is an appropriate use of <Audience>. The 
introduction of a new element, as
is the case for <OneTimeUse> and <ProxyRestriction> might be more 


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