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Subject: RE: Encryption guidance

> Seeings as I can't find Scott's email as a stand-alone, here 
> is the info below, put into a word document (for editing). 

I wish the spammers had your address book.

> Also, just FYI, I did include an example at the end with 
> multiple keys within the Encrypted Data - this should cover 
> the "broadcast" scenario that was discussed on this morning's 
> call. I checked with our local WS-I/BSP folks and they 
> believe that this is compatible with BSP guidelines, even 
> though it is within the scope of SAML. 

This seems understandable, if convoluted, but one question...what's the
purpose of the <ReferenceList> in the <EncryptedKey> elements? Or, I should
say, what's different about the broadcast example vs. the other two

It seems like you could use <ReferenceList> (or not) uniformly in all the
examples, but it doesn't appear to specifically pertain to the broadcast use
case. The <CarriedKeyName> aliasing seems independent of it.

Is it a requirement of these libraries that the Data reference the Key and
vice versa, or is one direction (Data->Key) sufficient?

I'm just wordsmithing mostly, but this seemed more substantive. Pending the
answer, I'll supply revised text.

-- Scott

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