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Subject: Public reviews -> CS status for docs

Couple of items for next week's TC agenda...

I would like to ask for consideration of a public review (as a precursor to
a CS vote) for the following documents, which have been in CD status for a
while now.

SAML Metadata Extensions:

SAML 1.x Metadata Profile:

Additionally, I have submitted a new draft of the Third-Party Request
extension proposal. Jeff suggested breaking this up into a base document and
then one for the extension, but since the schema is a single document, I'm
not sure if that's viable or not. We can discuss.

Otherwise, I would like to ask for a CD vote on this draft as well.

The only addition in this re-publication is some language regarding
RelayState. The rest of the proposal is unchanged, so I think there's been
plenty of time to review it.

-- Scott

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