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Subject: Saml Metadata Extension for Query Requesters Spec

Title: Message
Scott, some minor comments on these as you move this into Public Review form.
- line 147: PDP requesters
- line 167: I believe you're missing the ActionNamespace element definition as anyURI.
- line 125: typo "atribute".
Observations (don't care either way, just curious):
- line 79, you abstracted out the query requester items, but this was not done for the authorities. I believe this is correct, but was wondering if staying consistent with the current metadata scheme makes sense.
- line 145, along the same lines as above, authz decision authority was called "PDPDescriptor" and not "AuthzDecisionAuthorityDescriptor", I believe your proposal of AuthzDecisionQueryDescriptor is correct, but for consistency, did you consider "PEPDescriptor"?
- line 83, is it just typical that for attributes, we define new ones within the schema (query namespace) as opposed to use the one from metadata. Specically I'm looking at the query:WantAssertionsSigned attribute vs. md:WantAssertionsSigned.

Thomas Wisniewski
Software Architect
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