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Subject: Draft Minutes SSTC Call - March 28, 2006 (fwd on behalf of Heather Hinton)

1. Roll Call & Agenda Review
Roll call taken by Steve Anderson; quorum achieved with 19 of 32 voting
members. Roll to be added. 
[NOTE; Steve, please add roll and re-post, thanks!] 

2. Approve minutes from 14-Mar con-call
Minutes approved with unanimous consent 

Moved to a report on ITU by Abbie [AB] (who had to leave early) 
[AB] We are still missing an A.5 (?) qualification from Liberty. Abbie
is planning a final version for the end of next week. It will be
distributed to selected TC members. It has incorporated errata. 
Eve Maler [EM] Liberty folks are working on the legal angle 
[AB] He needs everything by April 19 to finalize for ITU submissions.
There are still issues of coordiation but those do not concern this TC. 

3. CD Vote (Full Majority Vote Required) 
Voted CD for earlier draft, but somehow newer draft (8) was accidentally
posted to the web site. To resolve this, would like to make draft 8 be
the CD draft. 
MOTION: Vote to approve newer draft, draft 8, as the CD draft. 
        Moved: Bob Morgan [BM], Seconded: Guy Denton [GD] 
Prateek Mishra [PM] Difference has that there was some pending
"editorial edits" from Rob that got dropped and have been added back
into 8 - so its no big deal to approve 8 
Motion was approved with unanimous consent 

4. Vote to hold Public Review of same document
MOTION: Vote to include this doc in the public revision 
        Moved: Rob Lockhart [RL], Seconded: Rick Randell [RR] 
Motion was approved with unanimous consent 

5. SAML Assertions in TLS proposal
Bob Morgan has posted a bunch of messages about the IETF discussions re
SAML and TLS. There is still lots more work beofre it can be considered
a complete proposal. 
[PM] Wil TLS implementations really support these extension attributes? 
[BM] THere is already TLS 1.1, there is more interest in making use of
extensions, people are looking at crypto algorithm alternatives 
Bob went on to report on the "Digital Identity Exchange, DIX"
discussions. This is of even more interest to the SAML TC. This is
promoted by SXIP and the Identity Gang. It describes lightweight
identity extensions. Do we want to use this as impetus to think about
new use cases/scenarios/profiles for SAML? There was no decision to go
forward within IETF as the use cases proposed by DIX need more work. 
Bob will re-post information about IETF to the list 

6. New Errata document available
Jahan Moreh [JM] There is a new errata document. Discussion of errata
PE43 - working 
PE44 - Superceded by Subject Confirmation. Jahan will delete (there will
be some renumbering changes) 
PE45 - Jeff Hodges [JH] had an item to pull all information from
multiple sources into a single thread - this is still in progress 
PE46 - No updates to proposed text. 
Hal Lockhart [HL] Take the text, keep it in errata and wait for Conor to
PE47 - discussion 
Scott Cantor [SC]- was trying to say same as the matching rules 
[PM] What if we say "contains an ID field" 
[SC] Model is to delete about eight words from the text. Can we vote on
the text with an ammendment? 
[HL] Yes 
[SC] So text reads "contains an identifier [stuff deleted up to comma],
MOTION: Accept text as ammended 
        Moved: Scott Cantor, Seconded: Prateek Mishra 
Approved with unanimous consent 

Discussion returned to PE45 - 
[JH] it is in fact updated in the text. 
MOTION: Accept PE45 as proposed in text by Jahan 
        Moved: Jahan Moreh, Seconded: Rick Randell 
Approved with unanimous consent 

Discussion returned to PE43 
[JM] We need text for this item 
Heather Hinton [HH] The text is around but it contains examples that we
need to validate 
[SC] We don't want to have to issue an errata on example code 
[HH] The text is on the list 
[HL] Don't bother reposting until we have validated 

7. Active Threads

a. *SubjectConfirmation errata <msg00008.html>* 
Already discussed, done 

b. Saml Metadata Extension for Query Requesters Spec
Doc is going to go in to public review 

8. Open AIs

#0250: PE 43
Owner: Heather Hinton
Status: Open
Assigned: 2006-02-13
Due: ---

#0245: Per 17-Jan con-call: Greg W. to propose some clarifying text for
the attribute profile section re: the issues discussed on the call.
Owner: Greg Whitehead
Status: Open
Assigned: 2006-01-30
Due: ---
Greg Whitehead [GW] Its on his list (no progress yet). He will try for
something for the Apri 11 phone call 

#0238: Plan for red-line versions of SAML 2.0
Owner: Eve Maler
Status: Open
Assigned: 2005-11-07
Due: ---
LOTS of discussion, 
[EM] Has established from OASIS staff that it IS okay to produce a
red-lined version to incorporate errata 
[EM] Note that there is a possible issue with the ITU stuff as it has
difference with potential redlined version 
[HL] Should we hold errata for next doc? 
[EM] Does this then make errata a CD? 
[HL] Its always ongoing (errata). Its a race - what do we do before the
OASIS process fixes itself 
[HL] Lets keep a hold on this [the doc] for now 

#0248: Provide draft of IBM's SAML 2.0 research report
Owner: Anthony Nadalin
Status: Open
Assigned: 2006-02-13
Due: ---
On hold waiting for Tony 

#0242: Recommended text for SAML Attr Sharing Profile
Owner: Rob Philpott
Status: Open
Assigned: 2006-01-17
Due: ---

#0230: SAML Conformance SSL/TLS requirements
Owner: Eric Tiffany
Status: Open
Assigned: 2005-09-12
Due: ---
Eric Tiffany [ET] Based on feedback from New Zealand, there is
overlapping text. Want to merge this with NZ input 
[ET] Suggestion that text be clarified based on ciphersuites that were
explicitly called out in the text. Clarification is required to make it
clear that a) these are not the only ones that are supported and b) this
is not a minimal set that needs to be supported 
[HL] How do we deal with non-errata issues? 
[RP] Was going to propose text on why the ciphersuites were selected 
[ET] This will take over his issues 
[HL] This needs a new action item 
ACTION ITEM: New AI for Rob 
        Rob to produce explanatory text for algorithm selection 

#0240: Status of SAML 2.0 submission to ITU T
Owner: Olivier Dubuisson
Status: Open
Assigned: 2005-11-07
Due: ---
Already discussed 


Paul Madsen [PM2] Had an implicit action for shared credential text 
[PM2] Would like a new AI for tracking purposes 
ACTION ITEM: New AI for Paul M 
        Paul to produce text for authentication context and relevance to
shared credentials 

Eve there is an explicit action for turning some docs into CD 
[EM] New AI! 
ACTION ITEM: New AI for Eve 
        Turn Third-Party Request and Metadata for Requestor into CD 

Dave Staggs [DS] 
There will be a Veteran's Administration InfoSec meeting in Atlanta, GA
next week. At this meeting there will be an interop between BEA and IBM
for SAML 1.1. While not HSPD 11 compliant, it demonstrates SAML and
over-arching VA architecture 

No Other Business


Heather Hinton, PhD, PEng
Senior Security Architect, TFIM Product Architect

tel: + 1 512 838 0455
T/L 678-0455

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