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Subject: Minutes for April 25 Conference Call

Item 1. Roll Call & Agenda Review

Have quorum with 22 in attendance (need 16)

Steve Anderson
Abbie Barbir
Bhavna Bhatnagar
Sharon Boeyen
Brian Campbell
Carolina Canales-Valenzuela
Guy Denton
Heather Hinton
Frederick Hirsch
Ari Kermiaer
Hal Lockhart
Paul Madsen
Prateek Mishra
Jahan Moreh
Cameron Morris
Anthony Nadalin
Ashish Patel
Rob Philpott
Irving Reid
David Staggs
Eric Tiffany
Greg Whitehead
Thomas Wisniewski
Emily Xu

Other Attendees:
Nick Ragouzis

Ganesh Ananthakrishnan

2. Approve minutes from 11-Apr con-call

Minutes not posted until recently, anyone need more time to review? No. 
Minutes are approved.

Item 3:

New errata 26. PE 48 split into 2 items. Scott still has action to 
propose text on PE 49.

46 & 43 are still open.

Item 4: Report on Status of CDs for Public Review

Eve has finalized some of the docs.

Prateek sent “List of specifications for public review” with status of 5 

OASIS wants 3 doc formats: PDF, HTML, and ‘writeable’

Prateek? To get the documents to OASIS

Item 5: Presentation to be given at OASIS Symposium

Paul and Ashish giving presentation.

Eric says a few words about liberty conformance of SAML 2.0. Eric hopes 
to have new testing procedures draft available next week

Item 6: Proposal concerning outstanding assertions and NameID changes

This is basically just a discussion point currently. Connor not present 
at meeting so members were urged to review independently.

Item 7: Open Action Items

250: Heather and Scott not on call – still open

245: Greg – still open

238: Eve – open (for some time)

248: Tony just published report to list – now closed

240: Abbie has given some status. Hope is that this can close next meeting.

257: Ashish and Paul are working on revising the submission.

256: Still open – working on text and explanation of why the TC choose 
the suites they did

Item 8: other business


Next call scheduled on the ninth which is the week of the symposium so 
attendance may be sparse.

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