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Subject: IPR Transition of the SSTC

This is a repeat of what I said on Tuesday as a reminder and for the
benefit of those who missed the call.

The SSTC is still operating under the old OASIS IPR Policy. By April 15,
2007 we must transition to the new IPR policy or terminate the TC. Since
my sense is that many members believe the TC should continue in
operation beyond next April, I propose we begin the process now. It can
take up to a couple of months to complete and I expect something of a
scramble first quarter next year.

The Transition Process is documented here:


In summary the process is to select one of 3 IPR modes and hold a
special vote. In this vote, only individual members and company reps
vote. Any negative votes will act as a veto.

On the call Tuesday I suggested that it makes sense to get informal
agreement on an IPR mode that everyone can live with, so as to avoid
conducting a ballot we know will fail.

Therefore I invite all members to comment either on the list or
privately to the chairs on the following issues:

1. Do you agree that the SSTC should continue past April 15, 2007 or
close down? (This would not preclude starting a new TC with a new
charter to take over future SAML work.)

2. Would your organization agree to the SSTC transitioning to an IPR
mode of RF on Limited Terms?


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