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Subject: Comments: sstc-saml1x-metadata-cd-01

Document identifier: sstc-saml1x-metadata-cd-01

Previous comments:


[line 49, 116, 223] s/$/./

[table after line 67] s/SAML:2.0:protocol/SAML:1.0:protocol/

[lines after table after line 67] Insert missing line numbers.

[line 73] Insert non-breaking space at the end of the line.

[line 81] s/IDP/IdP/

[line 86] s/namespace URI/protocol namespace URI/

[line 100] s/Section/section/

[line 118] s/"01"/type 0x0001/

[line 118, 161] s/([SAML11Bind])/[SAML11Bind]/

[line 118] Use fixed-width font to typeset "SourceID".

[line 163, 165, 184] s^Browser/Artifact^SAML V1.x Browser/Artifact^

[line 166] s/"01"/0x0001/

[line 171, 191, 209] s/attributes/attributes,/

[lines 173--174] Join these lines.

[line 179] s/elements'/element's/

[line 180] s/SAML V1.1/SAML V1.x/

[line 186] s/bounds/scope/

[line 196] s/1.1/V1.1/

[lines 200--201] Join these lines.

[line 239, 242] s/(SAML)/(SAML) V1.1/

[line 240] s/bindings-profiles/bindings/

[line 240] Change the URL to:

[line 243] Change the URL to:

[lines 245--246] Change the URL to:

[line 248, 251, 258] s/OASIS SSTC/OASIS Standard/

[line 249] Change the URL to:

[line 252] Change the URL to:

[line 259] Change the URL to:


[line 111] Why is <md:AffiliationDescriptor> precluded?

[lines 117--119] Rewrite this sentence.

[lines 124--149] The indentation of the schema list is inconsistent.
This is most likely due to the tabs in sstc-saml1x-metadata.xsd.  I
recommend you remove all tabs from sstc-saml1x-metadata.xsd and fix
the indentation in the schema listing.

[lines 165--167] I do not understand this sentence.

[line 200] The <md:ArtifactResolutionService> endpoint element should
also be undefined, right?

[line 244] The referenced schema document does not explicitly list an
author, so the author listed in the References appears to be in error.
 Do the schema author(s) mirror the profile author(s) implicitly?

[general] Why is the <md:AssertionIDRequestService> element allowed by
this specification?  There is no AssertionIDRequest in SAML V1.x.
There is an AssertionIDReference but there is no corresponding service
at the IdP.

Tom Scavo
NCSA/University of Illinois

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