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Subject: Discussion of Future Work of the SSTC

On the last call it was rightly noted that to determine what charter the
SSTC should have and even if it should continue beyond April 2007, we
need to identify the work to be done. This email is intended to
stimulate discussion on this topic.

Obviously Errata will continue to accumulate against the current
Standards. However I do not think errata publication alone is a
sufficient reason for a TC to exist.

I am aware of the following proposed items. Please add to this list.

The five items which just finished public review:

- Metadata Profile for the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language
- SAML Attribute Sharing Profile for X.509 Authentication-Based Systems
- SAML XPath Attribute Profile
- SAML Metadata Extension for Query Requesters
- SAML Protocol Extension for Third-Party Requests

The shared credentials work:

- SharedCredential Authn Context Extension
- RequestedAuthnContexts Extension proposal


- Technical Overview
- "New" LDAP/X.509 Profile
- Profile of WS-SecurityPolicy to describe SAML Assertions (Tokens)


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