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Subject: Post review profile drafts

I've uploaded new drafts (renamed back to working drafts) of:

SAML 1.x metadata profile
SAML metadata ext for query req
SAML protocol ext for third-party req

The schemas didn't change, but I uploaded new copies just to keep them in
the repository in the same spot (can't we just use subversion, please!?!)

Most of the comments were incorporated in some form with a few exceptions.
All the comments came from Tom, and since he's now in the TC I'm not sure
what else is required to respond but I can probably go identify the ones I
didn't accept if need be.

There were no significant normative changes. About all I can think of is a
couple of changes to the metadata profile that add an overlooked element to
the "undefined list" and to fix the overly broad restriction on profiling
role extensions for SAML 1.x, which was inconsistent with the query

I believe none of the changes warrants a new review period, and would
suggest a vote for CD-02 and initiating the CS process, which I think is
mainly collecting implementer attestations?

-- Scott

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