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Subject: RE: [security-services] AI #0238 closed! Errata composite documents are up to date wrt errata-33

Thanks a lot for the effort. I think it will be much easier from here on

> It would be really, really helpful if I could get at least one 
> additional set of eyeballs to do a thorough check of all this, to 
> make sure that I didn't miss anything, that I didn't incorrectly 
> apply a fix, and that any places where I was required to exercise 
> editorial judgment were fairly rendered.  Any volunteers??

I went through most of core last week, and will continue to check things

> One particular hotspot was in the implementation of PE53 (the moving 
> of the LDAP Encoding attribute to <Attribute> from <AttributeValue> 
> in Profiles).  Also note that a typo correction in PE39 became 
> unnecessary once PE53 was implemented, so the TC should probably go 
> on record as "undoing" PE39.

The change there can't be made to the actual specs. It's a TODO for the new
profile I have an AI to produce. At least I think that was the resolution.

> I have a question about how "identical" these errata composite docs 
> should be to the original OASIS Standard docs.  For example, I got a 
> query about listing new names on the contributors' lists, where 
> people have contributed to the errata process.  What should we do 
> about that?

I would say that since they're separate docs, an additional contributor list
can be created, but we shouldn't change the actual TC member list at the

> From now on, I'll plan to track new errata doc revisions fairly 
> closely, so I don't think there's a need for a new/ongoing action 
> item for this.

I'm willing to help, so we could either split the documents or just
privately determine who's got time to pick up changes.

-- Scott

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