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Subject: NZ Government Authentication Standards Launched

"The New Zealand government today launched the suite of standards to support their All-of-government Authentication Programme for delivering services online.   

The suite of authentication standards contains business process, technology, and data standards aimed at maintaining and improving authentication processes and services for government agencies delivering services to people, particularly those delivered using the Internet".

Of particular interest to the SSTC could be NZ SAMS (New Zealand Security Assertion Messaging Standard), the deployment profile of the OASIS SAML V2.0 specification. It's still work-in-progress but reflects the user-controlled, privacy-enabled policy and design decisions made earlier in the Programme. Rob Philpott majorly contributed and we are deeply grateful to him.

For further information on the Authentication Programme please visit the New Zealand e-government website page  www.e.govt.nz/services/authentication/  

Electronic copies of the authentication standards themselves are available at http://www.e.govt.nz/standards/e-gif/authentication 
And NZ SAMS can be found at http://www.e.govt.nz/standards/e-gif/authentication/nzsams/ 

We really would appreciate feedback and comment on NZ SAMS and in fact all aspects of the Programme. One of the reasons why NZ SAMS remains "in development" is so that we can get international SME (Subject Matter Expert) feedback on the work and build those learnings back into the first release.  


(PS: It is obvious but just to be clear; if your comments carry IPR, then either make that explicit or refrain from commenting. Thanks.) 

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