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Subject: ITU-T "pre-published" SAML and XACML specs available online

These were apparently put up online last June...



As Abbie reported in the 7 Nov 2006 SSTC meeting, the specs are apparently 
undergoing final "editing" (he termed it "beautification"), and ought to be 
finalized in 1CQ2007.

ITU-T (unfortunately) is the sort of org where one typically has to pay money 
for copies of specs, however, one can register and obtain three free specs per 
year ;-)  (and, yes, I just noticed a note on their site that they intend to 
experiment with all specs being freely downloadable as of 1-Jan-2007 (likely 
still charging for hardcopy))

Also, as Abbie reported, the intensive ITU-T process has tangible value-add in 
terms of spec quality...

   "They did tasks like ensuring the schemas are error-free, and compared
   the text with the original SAML text [etc.]..."

Plus the overall value-add here is that there is a large swath of folks in the 
wider telecomm industries that pay attention to ITU-T specs, and thus having 
SAML and XACML "blessed" in this context will help foster their wider adoption.

Thanks again to Abbie for all his work on making this happen.


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