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Subject: disposition of deployment profiles

In the draft minutes for last meeting, there was a brief note
regarding AI #0265 toward the end of the minutes:


Will the forthcoming draft of the "X.509 attribute sharing deployment
profile" actually be cast as a "deployment profile"?  This now appears
to be the case (great!).  Will the "X.509 attribute sharing deployment
profile" ultimately be considered for public review, or is there some
other workflow anticipated for this document?

I guess I'm asking for general guidance regarding "deployment
profiles".  Is the workflow associated with a deployment profile the
same as that of an ordinary SAML profile?

A number of OASIS TCs have proposed deployment profile *templates* but
I can't find any discussion of deployment profile *workflow*.  Are
deployment profiles handled similarly to ordinary profile documents?

Thanks for the clarification,

Tom Scavo
NCSA/University of Illinois

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