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Subject: DRAFT minutes for Feb 13 Conference Call

SSTC/SAML concall Tue 2/13/2007 9:05:16 AM

 > 1. Roll Call & Agenda Review, Find volunteer minute taker

Hal Lockhart (HL) did Roll Call.

20/26 voting members present, 76%, quorum achieved.

Jeff Hodges (JH) will take notes.

 > 2. Approve minutes from January 30 con-call

Prateek Mishra (PM): duly approved minutes by unanimous consent.

 > 3. Deployment Profile Format?
 > http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200702/msg00002.html

HL notes that he feels all docs that "go thru" the TC, really ought to goto 
"public review", at least. and feels that for this doc that it likely ought to 
goto Oasis Standard maturity level.

ScottC (SC) queries whether a non-normative doc can goto OS level?

HL notes that there is an upcoming change to the TC process, where there will 
be an emphasis in docs that involve any software impl to be "much more 
concrete", but it won't rule out "informative" docs, tho we, the sstc, will 
likely need to explicitly spell out our rules for our informative non-normative 
documents. TCs will have option to do so, or remain silent on the issue (tho 
it's implied that they should address it if they

 > 4. Public Review Package next Steps
 > a) Simple Sign - voted to CD and public review Jan 30

PM: SimpleSign document -- is there editorial work still to do?

so it is "ready pending some edits" -- JH (& SC) have action on this

 > b) Discovery Service - published Jan 30

The disco service draft-- SC has updated the draft last night to -02. incorps a 
fair number of changes, needs expository material at the beginning, so will be 
an -03, soliciting ongoing review and comment.

 > c) Technical Overview -

Paul Madsen (PMdsn) has had pen on an -12 for a while. Even may feel diff, but 
PM feels that they are close to a vote eg next meeting (2 wks)

Eve Maler (EM) feels that it needs still some work before she'd be happy voting 
it out to PRvw. Eg x-ref'g flows to prose explanation.

also wondering about whether we want it "frozen" and whether we want it to be 
more of a "living document".

Conor Cahill (CC) notes that it ought to accurately map to what's available at 
a point in time.

JH notes that it ought to be updated when the specs are updated, EM, CC, Rob 
Philpott (RP) note that set of specs available under samlv2 umbrella is 
changing over time, and we might want to update the tech overview to 
appropriately match.


PM notes that Ari uploaded the X.509 draft to -11

will try to take it to CD and pub review next meeting.

EM sez if folks aren't comfortable with voting at next meeting, mebbe we should 
have a email vote (this comment relatgive to errata?)

HL notes errata is now a sep process. and also notes he would do an email vote 
to save a month of time, but not 2 wks.

PM wants to be clear about Errata process now, and that corrections do not 
constitute any "substantive" changes.

EM sez we want to be careful, and review this perhaps on the call..

HL notes that that _is_ the next item in the agenda...

EM doh!

 > 5. Errata status - where do we stand?

PM do we want to vote on this today on this call (whether errata is substantive 
or not)?

EM i don't know, there's 63 items, and there's a few items that it is arguable 
that it is in fact substantive....so folks *really* need to review it!! 
...before we vote on it (eg next meeting?)

PM ....looking in email archive for announcement message....

<insert URL here>

PM thanks Eve for doing this, is a lot of work....

PM so next time we'll dive into errata details on the call and hopefully vote 
on it....

 > 6. Open AIs
 > #0277: Technical Overview Next Steps
 > Owner: Paul Madsen
 > Status: Open
 > Assigned: 2007-02-12
 > Due: 2007-03-10

still open.

 > #0275: Create links for public review of documents
 > Owner: Paul Madsen
 > Status: Open
 > Assigned: 2007-01-15
 > Due: ---

PMdsn: thinks these are closed
       also some possibility for some sort of out reach page remains an open 
item to address.

   Mary McRae has convinced PM that a realistic content creation job is doable 
on the oasis wiki

   thinks its a bit more of a wiki -- vendors can upload descriptions of their 
products and such.... so more than just a wiki for SSTC members; and it has 
some sort of pre-defined structure

   PMdsn will begin work on it if we sstc agree that it's something to proceed with

EM notes that Tom Scavo is proceeding on the saml wikipedia pages and they are 
looking good. he sent msg to list this morning.

 > #0265: Updated draft of X.509 attribute sharing deployment profile
 > Owner: Ari Kermaier
 > Status: Open
 > Assigned: 2006-09-25
 > Due: 2007-01-16

CLOSED.  Ari uploaded doc yesterday/today.

new business:

HL topic: profiling WS-SecPolicy (enhancing?) such that it can be used to 
profile SAML assertions

ie extending ws-secpolicy such that it can describe what a saml assertion 
should contain...

question is whether there is any interest amongst this group on working on this 

<no answser>

HL thinks he got his answer....



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