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Subject: AI 0285 - List on specs ready for CS vote

This is my best guess at a list of specs reaching/nearing Committee Spec 
candidacy , this in response to AI 285 from Tuesday's call

Docs in #1 and #2 below are CS candidates. The doc in #3 requires 
another CD vote and secondary 15 day review period before being candidates.

I'm not sure about #4


1) Have undergone secondary 15 day review (with no comments)

   Metadata Profile for SAML V1.x
   SAML Metadata Extension for Query Requesters
   SAML Protocol Extension for Third-Party Requests

2) Have undergone 60 day review (received no comments)

   SAML 2.0 Protocol Extension for Requested Authentication Context
   SAML 2.0 Shared Credentials Authentication Context Extension and 
Related Classes
   SAML 2.0 Text-Based Challenge/Response Token Authentication Context Class

3) Have undergone 60 day review (but received comments)

   SAML V2.0 X.500/LDAP Attribute Profile

4) Status Unknown

   SAML XPath Attribute Profile - appears to have finished 60 day 
review, no comments AFAIK

Paul Madsen             e:paulmadsen @ ntt-at.com
NTT                     p:613-482-0432

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