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Subject: Potential Erratum -- NameIDMappingResponse schema

Alas, I've noticed what appears to be a problem with the SAML 2.0 Core spec for the NameIDMapping protocol. Section 3.8.2 [lines 2721-2724] define the NameIDMappingResponseType as extending StatusResponseType with the addition of a choice of saml:NameID or saml:EncryptedID element. The schema does not indicate minoccurs="0", making exactly one of these elements required in any samlp:NameIDMappingResponse.
What is the response supposed to look like if an error Status is being returned? I would assume that the NameID/EncryptedID would have to be omitted, but the schema doesn't allow it.

Ari Kermaier | Senior Development Manager | +1.212.520.7304
Oracle Server Technologies | Identity Management & Security
444 Madison Avenue, Suite 300 | New York, NY 10022


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