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Subject: Minutes for SSTC Conference Call, May 8

Steve Anderson takes attendance.

18/23 voting members present, quorum achieved.

Attendance details at message end.

Abbie to take minutes on the next call. 

            1.    Approve minutes from April 24 with attendance 



            2.    Administrative

            2.1.  Ballot to approve documents as a Committee Specification set 
                  failed to receive sufficient votes to pass.  

Discussion around reasons for failure, Brian asks if there is some high-level issue
here or just lack of people getting to the ballot. 

Paul - makes a motion to recreate CS vote online, Jeff H. seconds.
Eve - can we take care of it today, make a motion to take the vote today?
Paul - withdrew the motion to have an online vote, made a motion to vote during the
Eve - is  this allowed under the OASIS rules...
Prateek - discovers that the TC admin has to run the vote!
Paul - withdraws second motion and returns to first motion, Eve seconds
Unanimous assent

**AI**: Chairs to resend for vote.

            2.2. Potential Erratum on NameIDMappingResponse schema 

Brian - what is the status here? Have we closed on this?
Scott - this is a change to processing rules and schema and may break implementation. 
Eric - this section is currently ambiguous and so different implementations will go their own ways
**general discussion**
Eve summarizes: current specification is underspecified, we need to clarify
Scott - suggest that the OASIS conformance concept should include reference to errata
Prateek - what is the proposed resolution/disposition?
Scott - Change the schema, perhaps grandfather existing behavior.

**AI**: Greg W. to propose text that captures above discussion

           2.3. Request 60 Public review of 4 specs (AI#290) not sent due to 
           various formatting issues imposed by OASIS


           2.3.2.Locations and URIs


Brian - is there something we need to discuss here?
Scott - OASIS has changed templates recently, OASIS requires permanent URIs
i.e., it can just sit in Kavi, it has to go to the document server.
Brian - are these actual locations or abstract URIs (unique addresses)?
Scott - actual locations are required and the only way to achieve this by 
use of docs.open-oasis website.

**AI**: Brian C./Chairs to investigate what the appropriate next steps are.

Scott - further discussion on the XHTML format issue. We need clarification
on exactly what the requirement is - pure XHTML or some other requirement?

**AI**: Scott to investigate XHTML requirement (document format) at OASIS

          2.4.Request Public Review of Errata Document (AI#291) not sent. 
          Also suffering from OASIS formatting issues

Discussion - three choices, leave as it is, wait for while (eve), find someone to add
the new errata items. 

**AI**: Brian C./Chairs to discuss with OASIS admins what the available options are.

          3.    New Documents

                 3.1. IdP Discovery, Committee Draft 01 

                 3.2.HTTP POST “Simple Sign” Binding, Committee Draft 01 

                 3.3.Updated WSDL 

Discussion - Tech Overview and Deployment profiles have also been recently uploaded. 

Greg - What naming conventions are recommended for WSDL? 

4.    Other Business


5.    AIs


         #0292: Request Committee Specification Electronic ballot for 5 Specs (see comment)

         Owner: Hal Lockhart



         #0291: Request Public Review of Errata Document

         Owner: Hal Lockhart

Remains OPEN

        #0290: Request 60 day Public review of 4 specs (see comment)

        Owner: Hal Lockhart

Remain OPEN


        #0289: Repeat the request for a wiki

        Owner: Hal Lockhart

CLOSED, done.

       #0288: Create Draft WSDL file for SAML 2.0

       Owner: Greg Whitehead



       #0286: Research the use of LDAP language tags

       Owner: Bob Morgan

Stays OPEN, Bob will reflect discussion onto SSTC


       #0285: Send out list of nearly finished specs which may require attestation of use

       Owner: Paul Madsen

Stays OPEN, Paul will confirm.


      #0283: Change final arrows to solid in Tech Overview diagrams throughout.

        Owner: Paul Madsen

Parking lot, keep it open till CD-2

       #0282: AuthnContextDecl and AuthnContextDeclRef Confusion

        Owner: Eric Tiffany

OPEN, Eric will generate text.


     #0281: Prepare Tech Overview for CD publication

        Owner: Paul Madsen

DONE, uploaded Nay 8.

Attendance of Voting Members


  Steve Anderson BMC Software

  Abbie Barbir Nortel

  Brian Campbell Ping Identity

  Carolina Canales-Valenzuela Ericsson

  Scott Cantor Internet2

  George Fletcher AOL

  Frederick Hirsch Nokia

  Jeff Hodges NeuStar

  Ari Kermaier Oracle

  Paul Madsen NTT Corporation

  Eve Maler Sun Microsystems

  Prateek Mishra Oracle

  Bob Morgan Internet2

  Anthony Nadalin IBM

  Ashish Patel France Telecom

  Tom Scavo National Center for Supercomputing Applications

  David Staggs Veteran's Health Admin

  Eric Tiffany IEEE Industry Standards

  Greg Whitehead Hewlett-Packard Company



Attendance of Non-Voting Members


  Peter Davis NeuStar

  Anil Saldhana Red Hat



Membership Status Changes


  Rebekah Metz Booz Allen Hamilton - Member account deactivated 5/3/2007

  Peter Davis NeuStar - Granted voting status after 5/8/2007 call

  Conor P. Cahill Intel - Lost voting status after 5/8/2007 call

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