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Subject: Re: [security-services] CD acknowledgment

Tom Scavo wrote:
> In the appendix of a CD I'm working on right now, it says
> "The editors would like to acknowledge the contributions of the OASIS
> Security Services Technical Committee, whose voting members at the
> time of publication were..."
> However, in a template I recently pulled down from the OASIS web site, 
> it says
> "The following individuals have participated in the creation of this
> specification and are gratefully acknowledged..."
> I assume the latter is the preferred text (correct?),

It's up to each TC, I believe, and the TC's position has been to just 
list the voting members and not worry about it. We list explicit editors 
and material contributors up at the top, I think.

 > but in any case,
> how do I determine the precise list of names and affiliations to
> include in this appendix?  FYI, this CD was voted to CD status and
> Public Review at the last SSTC meeting (Jun 4).

Use Kavi and you can get a list of the membership, and then you just 
include anybody with an Office position or Voting status.

-- Scott

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