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Subject: Announcement: F2F SAML Interop Workshop, Sept 19-21

The Liberty Alliance is pleased to announce a Face-to-face Interoperability
Workshop September 19-21, 2007. This is the first of a series of
deployment-oriented interoperability workshops focused on specific vertical
market deploment profiles of Liberty Federations (SAML 2.0) and Liberty Web
Services (ID-WSF).  In this first workshop we are focusing on eGovernment
deployment of SAML 2.0, starting with the GSA eAuthentication Solution
deployment profile for SAML 2.0.

SAML 2.0, and the GSA eAuthentication profile are also featured in the first
full-matrix Liberty Interoperable test event which starts October 1.
 However, there is no direct relation between the workshop and the test
event (you may register for one or the other independently).

For More Info and Registration:




Eric  Tiffany             |  eric@projectliberty.org
Interop Tech  Lead        |  +1 413-458-3743
Liberty Alliance          |  +1 413-627-1778 mobile

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