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Subject: Working errata status; call for errata editor; approved errata status

* Working errata status

An AI for me from today's call was:

> AI: Eve to locate the link to the current "working errata" document and 
> follow up with Abbie Barbir (who we think volunteered) about getting the 
> new crop of errata recorded.

The latest rev is 40, and the relevant files are here (in the V2.0 
Working Documents folder):

Change-bar PDF:
Clean PDF:
ODT source:

E64 is the only "live" erratum in there; we decided on a disposition 
but it has not been incorporated into any Approved Errata document 
stream yet.

The two proposed errata cataloged in today's telecon would be PE65 
and PE66, presumably to become E65 and E66 quickly once we accept 
them as having acceptable erratum-level fixes.

* Call for errata editor

We had thought Abbie volunteered to edit the working errata on an 
ongoing basis, but later we realized this wasn't quite right.  Thus, 
here's an official call for someone to:

- Follow erratum discussion threads on the list
- Lead discussions of open errata in telecons
- Add proposed/confirmed errata text to this working errata document
- Hopefully also edit accompanying "errata composite" and "approved 
errata" documents at appropriate intervals (this could be a separate 
person if necessary)

I'm happy to advise on strategies for accomplishing that last item 
using change bars and such, but can't currently commit to being the 
errata editor.

* Approved errata status

Another related AI for me was:

> AI: Eve to check with Mary on what edits were required and take care of 
> them (either by getting Abbie to do them or by doing them herself).

I've copied Mary McRae here to doublecheck, but after reviewing the 
email trail and the official TC process doc, the net is that we need 
to officially hold a ballot to approve moving the errata document to 
its final state (known as Approved Errata rather than OASIS Standard 
in this case).  I'd like to request that we do this at the next call.


"... (d) After the public review, confirming the proposed 
corrections as Approved Errata by a Full Majority Vote.

Once approved, the Approved Errata shall be with the specification 
it corrects, in any publication of that specification. Disposition 
of Approved Errata must be identified in the subsequent Public 
Review Draft of the corrected specification."

(We could have done this today, if it were unanimous among those on 
the call -- and we need to edit the doc to reflect its new final 
status after the ballot takes place.)

Eve Maler                                         +1 425 947 4522
Technology Director                           eve.maler @ sun.com
CTO Business Alliances group                Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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