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Subject: RE: [security-services] 15-day public review or 60-day public review?

> For the SimpleSign Binding, I can find no record of it ever having
> gone through a 60-day public review.  Does anyone recall when this
> might have happened?

It's possible that it never did. When the original draft was ready for
review, there was already feedback requiring changes. It's possible that the
later drafts were never reviewed.

> Since the Attribute Sharing Profile has gone through so many revisions
> since it went to public review (see the wiki), a diff would be
> essentially worthless.  For this reason, and since I can't find any
> record of the SimpleSign Binding having gone through public review,
> perhaps we should request 60-day public review periods for both of
> these documents (and in fact, all four documents currently in the
> pipeline).  What do you think?

I think at this point it's the easiest solution.

> I'm guessing this means the conformance clauses need to be contained
> in their own top-level section.

I don't see why that matters, but I'd like clarification before I spend more
time on it.

-- Scott

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