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Subject: Re: [security-services] Conformance handling

agree with Scott re document URLs.

I spent more time trying to work out what to put for the various URLs 
than for the actual editing of the latest Tech Overview


Scott Cantor wrote:
> It looks like at least one convention being used for self-contained
> documents is to put conformance into a subsection in section 1 of the
> document, after the references. I guess this way you can state it up front
> and cover anything described in the rest of the document, so that's
> reasonable, I guess.
> I'm working on the next LDAP attribute profile working draft now, and then
> I'll change the rejected document(s) I submitted before to follow that
> approach.
> I would also like to get some kind of closure on the issue of where our
> documents are going to live. Having all these broken/non-working URLs in the
> header of our specs just looks bad IMHO. What we had before with a generic
> reference to the SSTC site was better than that.
> -- Scott

Paul Madsen             e:paulmadsen @ ntt-at.com
NTT                     p:613-482-0432

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