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Subject: Re: [security-services] X.500/LDAP profile doc

Comments re draft-sstc-saml-attribute-x500-03:

[line 14] s/supercedes/supersedes/

[table between lines 114 and 115]
s/Schema specification/Schema specification [Schema1]/
s/instances/instances [Schema1]/

[lines 126--128] This reference, which was added in Draft 02, is not used.

[line 175] s/X.500 specifications/X.500 specifications [X.500]/

[line 181] s/EduPerson schema/eduPerson schema [eduPerson]

[lines 181--182] s/inetOrgperson schema/inetOrgPerson schema [RFC2798]/

[line 195] s/urn:oid:"urn:oid:"/

[lines 210--211] I don't understand this sentence.  Is there a typo?

[line 220] s/which/that/

[line 266] s/defined/defined [SAMLX500-xsd]/

Tom Scavo

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