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Subject: Minutes of Oasis SSTC Concall on Dec.18, 2007

SSTC Concall, Dec 18, 2007

Roll Call & Agenda
15 out of 19 voting members (Quorum Achieved)

Attendance of Voting Members
  Steve Anderson BMC Software
  Abbie Barbir Nortel
  Brian Campbell Ping Identity
  Jeff Hodges NeuStar
  Ari Kermaier Oracle
  Charles Knouse HP
  Hal Lockhart BEA Systems, Inc
  Eve Maler Sun Microsystems
  Prateek Mishra Oracle
  Bob Morgan Internet2
  Anil Saldhana Red Hat
  Tom Scavo National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  Kent Spaulding Tripod Technology Group
  David Staggs Veteran's Health Admin
  Eric Tiffany Liberty Alliance Project
  Emily Xu Sun Microsystems

Attendance of Non-Voting Members
  George Fletcher AOL
  Frederick Hirsch Nokia
  Paul Madsen NTT Corporation
  Rob Philpott EMC Corporation

Membership Status Changes
  Frederick Hirsch Nokia - Lost voting status after 12/4/2007 call
  Paul Madsen NTT Corporation - Granted voting status after 12/18/2007 call

Need a volunteer to take minutes
Anil Saldhana, Red Hat

1. Approve minutes from Dec 4, 2007
- Minutes approved

2. Administrative

2a. SAML XML.org Focus Area
Open Source Listing more appropriate here than on the oasis wiki?

- Jeff has done a open source listing of saml implementations.
- Brian agrees with Tom on the applicability of xml.org. Eve seconded it.
- Tom cautioned not to break the wiki link as it has been referenced

2b. Meeting Schedule

Meeting Canceled - Jan 1, 2008
Next Meeting on Jan 15, 2008

3. Document Status

3.1 Errata Approved

- Brian mentioned that in the Introduction content in the approved
errata document,
there are some strange content (similar to template content). Abbie will
take a look.
- Eve/Abbie have convinced Brian that there is nothing wrong with the
doc. :)

***Action*** item for Brian for the public red line versions of the
errata documents
and to make an announcement about these.

***Action*** item for Abbie to take a look at the red line versions

3.2 Public Review of Five specifications started on the 11th.

Tracking of comments and resolution.  1st one is in,

3.3 Oasis Standards
SAML Query Metadata Extension
SAML v1.x Metadata Profile

- Mary has updated the folder structure.
- Tom checked the previous day and they are not listed on the home page.
- Hal: Oasis formats the website. They take our suggestions.
- Brian: Suggestions about how the links are posted are welcome on the list.

*** Tom Scavo has requested the topic of "Subject-based Profiles for
SAML V1.1 Assertions" for discussion
at the next meeting.

3.4 Errata

No new errata

4 Other business

5 Action Items (Report created 17 December 2007 11:46am EST)

#0315: Metadata specs updated to OS format
Owner: Scott Cantor
Status: DONE
Assigned: 2007-11-06
Due: ---

#0314: Follow up and ensure that Abbie is aware of what he's signed up for
WRT errata
Owner: Brian Campbell
Status: DONE
Assigned: 2007-11-06
Due: ---

* Eve and Abbie are on the same page on this.

#0311: Propose specific document changes required for PE-65
Owner: Scott Cantor
Status: Open
Assigned: 2007-10-23
Due: 2007-12-01

#0283: Change final arrows to solid in Tech Overview diagrams throughout.
Owner: Paul Madsen
Status: Open
Assigned: 2007-03-27
Due: ---

***Action item for Eve to check with Paul on the status of issue #0283

Brian: Any other business.
     - Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting is Jan 15th.

Anil Saldhana
Project/Technical Lead,
JBoss Security & Identity Management
JBoss, A division of Red Hat Inc.

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