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Subject: SAML XML.org: Getting started

Lots of progress is being made on the SAML XML.org community web site. Here are
a few next steps for any TC members interested in contributing to the site:

1) Register for a user account at http://saml.xml.org/user/register. Keep in
mind that your userid will be associated with every new page you create or
comment on (if you want to be recognized, don't create a cryptic userid). Send
me an email after you've registered, and I'll upgrade your privileges to

2) Review and edit the SAML Wiki Knowledgebase outline at

I've taken a first pass at creating some topic pages in the Wiki using
information from the TC's Executive and Technical Overviews. Registered SAML
XML.org users will be able to edit this information, but the normative versions
will remain intact on the OASIS site; most of the Wiki pages contain "See also"
links to the normative versions.

Please review the Wiki and:

- make any corrections or additions to existing pages you think are needed. 

- add links under the "See also" section of each topic page to pertinent white
papers, presentations, or other resources you can recommend.

- notify me if you think I've created wiki pages that should be deleted or

- suggest additional pages by editing the Wiki outline (see instructions at

3) Create a listing for your company's SAML product at
http://saml.xml.org/products and/or for your company's SAML services at


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209 

Register now for the Open Standards Forum:
"Enabling Transformational Government Through Web Services and SOA"
29-30 Oct 2007  *  London

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