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Subject: Errata: SAML2 Attribute Profiles

The URL given on line 1836, and again on line 1885, of SAML2Prof is defunct:


that is, the URL returns a "page not found" error.

Also, lines 2048--2049 are given as follows:

"Two <Attribute> elements refer to the same SAML attribute if and only
if their Name XML attribute values are equal in a binary comparison."

but the Names themselves are URIs, so I would have expected URI
equality ala RFC2396.  (Admittedly, RFC2396 is a bit sparse with
respect to equality of URIs, which is presumably why the above
Internet Draft was written.)  In any event, I don't know what "binary
comparison" means in the context of XACML attribute names.

Tom Scavo

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