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Subject: RE: [security-services] Porting diffs to wiki

> I'm confused.  There's wiki.oasis-open.org, which only SSTC members
> have access to.

Isn't it publically readable? You mean write access.

> Then there's saml.xml.org, which is open to anyone.
> Are you saying that the SAMLDiffs document should be committed to the
> latter?  If so, I disagree.  I think that content should be editable
> by SSTC members, not the community at large.

I disagree. For that matter, why would I want my Shibboleth product
description to be editable by anyone? I don't, but I'm willing to take the
chance because the wiki makes it easy to revert spam, and having the content
available in one obvious place is the important thing.

The bottom line for me, and it comes from experience, is that when people
have to spend time figuring out where something should go, they tend not to
put it anywhere. Same goes for finding something. Two wikis is much worse
than one.

That said, I'll shut up. I only spoke up because we did discuss all this on
a call, and I was pretty sure the sense was that it's better to leave the
OASIS wiki for internal process use only and not for material we wanted to
be public and easy to find. The question of blocking access didn't come up
at the time.

-- Scott

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