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Subject: question on DSAwithSHA1 algorithm

Scott, thanks for the feedback on the EncryptionMethod issue.


The other question which arose in the last Liberty interop test was about the signature algorithm DSAwithSHA1. Section 4.1 of SAMLConf states that DSAwithSHA1 is recommended but not required in SAML 2.0. However, it is mandated for XML signature. One participant could not support DSAwithSHA1 so we had to require all signatures to be with RSAwithSHA1.


Our question is one of background on this issue. Why was DSAwithSHA1 support not required in SAML despite the XMLSig mandate? And, are these requirements still necessary going forward. Thanks.


Kyle Meadors

Drummond Group Inc.

Principal, Test Process

(w) 615-212-0826

(c) 817-709-1627



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