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Subject: RE: [security-services] comments: sstc-saml-holder-of-key-browser-sso-draft-01

> Another thing I noticed, you don't say anything about the requirements
> of the user agent.  It's almost like the user agent is invisible and
> doing only what it's told.  That's not the way I think about it.  What
> if I wanted to implement a user agent that conformed to this profile?
> What would it have to do?

Be a browser. I'm pretty sure the point is to support COTS browsers, just as
today. You *wouldn't* (necessarily) use this profile for a non-browser
client, because that kind of client can do a much better job of splitting
the IdP and SP apart and allowing independent profiles.

> Suppose a user is only interested in obtaining a holder-of-key
> authentication assertion from an IdP.  (Forget about what happens to
> the resulting assertion.)  So now I go about implementing an HTTP user
> agent that formulates an AuthnRequest and issues a request.  What are
> the requirements associated with this request/response?

I think core addresses that perfectly well already. We know how to do that.
But only with a client that's SOAP capable.

> I didn't make up this scenario, since we want to do just that!

I'd suggest reading the Liberty SSOS, which is simply a refinement of the
core protocol that does exactly what you're asking to do.

-- Scott

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