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Subject: Re: [security-services] Authn context help

Thanks Paul.  I was slow in responding to Giles (been on vacation and such)
so it sounds like he worked around me :)

On 3/20/08 12:03 PM, "Paul Madsen" <paulmadsen@rogers.com> wrote:

> Hi Brian, Ive had a thread with Giles on these issues and, last I heard,
> he was able to move forward.
> I'll let the list know if additional help is needed
> paul
> Brian Campbell wrote:
>> Folks,
>> As you may recall, Giles Hogben of the European Network and Information
>> Security Agency is working on developing an assurance scheme leveraging SAML
>> 2 authentication context.
>> Apparently they've run into some difficulties understanding parts of the
>> existing authn context work.  Specifically he says, "The problem we are
>> having is that there does not seem to be an adequate explanation anywhere of
>> some of the items within the Authentication context schema (e.g.
>> TechnicalProtectionBaseType element). The only document I can find which
>> might have an explanation is here:
>> http://docs.oasis-open.org/security/saml/v2.0/saml-authn-context-2.0-os.pdf
>> . Also in creating new context classes, we have some trouble understanding
>> why elements have been included in the existing classes. It would be great
>> if we could talk to someone briefly on the phone just to get us over these
>> hurdles..."
>> Unfortunately I was not with the TC when the authn context stuff was
>> originally developed nor have I done much with it - so I can't be of much
>> help.  Would one of the more tenured members of the TC be willing to provide
>> Giles with some assistance/advice?
>> Thanks,
>> Brian
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