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Subject: RE: [security-services] the lost errata

> As far as I can tell, the following errata have been lost, that is,
> not previously disposed of in one way or the other:

I've addressed an initial set, but that only amounted to a couple of them,
so I've added some notes below, we can discuss on the call and then address
them after that.

> "undefined namespace prefix"

Added as PE71 in upcoming errata draft.

> "typo in E61"
> (E61 itself has broken link)

I fixed this.

> "follow on to E61"

I'd like to understand what's being addressed here, I didn't see a
substantial difference here other than adding a lot of text, but I didn't
track the original discussion closely.

> "potential errata in SSO profile:

I believe I responded to this and don't feel it's quite necessary, but I'll
add a MAY if people think it's warranted.

> "incorrect URI"

I think this is already done, as E60?

> "typo in E15"

I want to get clarification on how we do "errata to errata", but I'll enter
a placeholder for now.

-- Scott

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