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Subject: RE: [security-services] Simple Sign not so simple

> The main theme of your response seems to be that most things
> are obvious for you and therefore no clarification or calling out
> is warranted.

I think you have to keep something in context....you're reporting this
literally months after the public review, and after several of us apparently
implemented this without confusion (or guessed correctly, whatever). I think
the reasonable response to that is "if it's not broken...". I definitely put
all of the XML comments in that category as they simply don't make any sense
to me.

But a couple of the parameter issues need to be cleaned up, and Jeff already
volunteered to reopen the spec and shepherd it back through the process, so
I think that's all that's needed.

> As far as I understand, there is no intent to publish any implementation
> guidelines - thus this material should go to the spec itself.

No, just a lack of volunteers to work on them, as has been the case now for
going on 3 years. But regardless, the issue isn't "should", it's whether
it's a "must" and how soon.

-- Scott

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