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Subject: AI #0327: Draft proposal for SSTC home page cleanup

I humbly submit the following to close out AI #0327.  (We do still  
need one or more people to actually make these edits!)


- Mary's advice on how to distinguish the two wikis: "In case anyone  
is still not clear on the differences between the TC wiki and SAML  
XML.org, http://wiki.oasis-open.org/security is provided as an aid to  
TC collaboration and is used by TC members to discuss and document  
their work-in-progress. It is like an extension of the TC mail list,  
publicly viewable, but only TC members may post to it. http://saml.xml.org/wiki 
  is a community knowledgebase, a collection of information topic  
pages that relate to using and understanding SAML. Anyone can create  
and edit pages."

Terminology in this message:

"Home page": http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=security
"TC wiki": http://wiki.oasis-open.org/security
"Community wiki": http://saml.xml.org/

Recommendations for editing the three sites:

The bullet items below are taken directly from the existing table of  
contents on the home page.  I'm taking a "home page-primary" approach,  
describing edits needed based on the goal of finishing the cleanup of  
the home page but recognizing that the three sites need to work  

	• (List of chairs and secretaries)

This is automatically generated metadata.  We might want to consider  
doublechecking among the membership to ensure that all of Prateek,  
Abbie, Rob, Anil, Jeff, Paul, and Eve are still interested in being  
listed as "secretaries" (which carries with it, e.g., the  
authorization to edit the home page and -- I think -- to rearrange  
categories in the doc repository).  I suspect that some of these are  
now historical, since past chairs tend to keep this status.  Here's a  
proposal: Anil, Paul, and Eve still need this status; the others might  
be happy to let it go, though there's no harm to anyone in letting  
them retain it.

	• Announcements

The announcements currently on the home page, plus significant dates  
past (many of them captured in items lower down on the home page,  
which had originally been dated in blog-entry-like fashion within the  
individual sections but have now mostly been rewritten), are  
candidates to be added to a historical SAML timeline that could be  
added to the "History of SAML" page (http://saml.xml.org/history) on  
the community wiki.  This is not high-priority, but if we're going to  
blow away any home page content soon, the current content should be  
preserved in amber somewhere so that a timeline of dates past can be  
constructed from it.

New announcements we want to make (all spec status changess, e.g.)  
should be added to the community wiki's "news" page (http://saml.xml.org/news 
) instead.

The Announcements section on the home page should be retained but  
should contain one last (undated?) announcement suggesting people go  
to the (linked) TC and community wikis for all their SAML official- 
info needs.

	• Overview

The Overview content is nice to keep here, but probably doesn't need a  
formal section heading, to save on boilerplate.  (I'm assuming we can  
safely blow away the old required home page TOC structure that was  
imposed some years ago.)  We should include links here to the Exec and  
(latest) Tech Overviews.  No content needs to be transferred to the  

	• Subcommittees

We should remove the Subcommittees section; the subcommittee is  
inactive anyway.  If we feel it's necessary, we can undertake a motion  
in the next TC meeting to decommission the subcommittee officially.

	• Technical Work Produced by the Committee

I think it's a good idea to keep this as a formal section heading to  
get people's attention, but we should use it only to link to http://saml.xml.org/saml-specifications 
  (for final stuff) and http://wiki.oasis-open.org/security (for fine- 
grained status of ongoing TC work).  The section could be called  
"Committee Deliverables".  It might be good to provide a single link  
to the latest errata-corrected SAML2 zip file here so people can  
quickly "grab SAML" if they happen to come to this page.

The http://saml.xml.org/saml-specifications page should have something  
prominent added to it about errata.  We should ensure that people find  
it much easier to grab the errata-corrected versions of SAML2 than the  
old ones.  (There are good links on the home page for this now.)

		• SAML V2.0

This subsection contains a whole bunch of links to individual schemas,  
which are missing from the community wiki's SAML2 page.  The doc  
repository is nearly unnavigable, which is why we bothered providing  
all these links on the home page in the first place.  Do we want to  
add them to the community wiki somehow?  Or is it pointless?  These  
are individual pieces of the real official SAML2.  Once a disposition  
is decided and links copied over as necessary, this section can be  
blown away.

There's a sub-sub-section here on "auxiliary and outreach  
information", which has some very important and useful stuff in it.   
This should be migrated to a new page on the community wiki that's a  
companion to the saml-specifications page, and prominently mentioned  
at the top of that wiki and linked from here.

		• Additional Profiles, Bindings, and Extensions Being Produced by  
the SSTC

This subsection has already been turned into a link to the TC wiki.   
This will be taken care of above, so the subsection can be blown away.

		• Third-Party Profiles, Bindings, and Extensions

We probably over-cooked the process that we invented for this  
listing.  I think it's worth adding a page on the community wiki to  
list known third-party uses of SAML, and not wait for people to inform  
us formally that they'd like us to list theirs.  We can even advertise  
the new page and invite third parties to add listings themselves! :-)   
The new page could be linked from the top level of the community wiki  
in the any one of a number of categories: Applications for SAML,  
Working with SAML, and/or even Related Specifications.

		• The SAML V1.1 page on the OASIS SAML wiki has information about  
this older version of SAML, including awards won during that era of  
its development.

This appears in the home page TOC (somewhat strangely); it can be  
removed as it's taken care of by other edits above.

		• SAML V1.0

This old content should be moved somehow to the http://saml.xml.org/saml-specifications 
  page on the community wiki, under the SAML 1.0 section.

The links to the IRTF AAA RFCs that did successfully get migrated to  
the community wiki are frankly not as interesting as the old Domain  
Model and Use Cases/Requirements docs still linked from the home  
page.  The latter links should definitely be preserved as it's  
impossible to dig them up easily from the doc repository.  (Perhaps  
these should be added to the "History of SAML" page rather than the  
SAML 1.0 section of the specs page.)

	• External Resources

I think this section should get pretty much the same treatment as the  
"auxiliary and outreach" information above.  It should be migrated to  
the public wiki as a prominent high-level page, linked from sensible  
places.  And similarly to the third-party profiles and bindings info  
as noted above, we should solicit third-party edits and input to this  

	• Mailing Lists and Comments

This section should still appear on the home page.  I think the links  
to the old inactive mailing lists would be nice to keep, but we should  
probably migrate them to the community wiki's historical timeline area  
(as suggested above).

	• Additional Information

This mostly contains Acknowledgments.  The SSTC has a long and  
distinguished history, and I think it's fine to leave this here, but  
it could also be migrated to the historical timeline area on the  
community wiki (as suggested above).  Having the home page be short  
and to the point will hopefully encourage people to explore the wikis  

*** Finally, some general comments about the community wiki apart from  
the home page structure: It looks like some parts of the FAQ linked  
off the home page have been migrated here.  Should we be migrating  
more of the FAQ formally (and editing it down on the home page site)?   
Should we also advertise the existence of the community wiki forum  
actively on saml-dev?


Eve Maler                                         +1 425 947 4522
Principal Engineer                            eve.maler @ sun.com
Business Alliances group                    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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