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security-services message

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Subject: Concordia email subscription issues

There have apparently been some hiccups in the Concordia community  
email list, and if you were a subscriber, you may have been  
accidentally dropped off -- either in late May, or on roughly June  
19.  If you haven't received any mail recently with either  
"[Concordia]" or "[Community]" as the subject keyword, you may have  
been unsubscribed somehow.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

You can re-subscribe here:


You can see the public archives here:


(Please feel free to forward this message to additional communities  
you think might be affected.  I tried to pick a few likely aliases  
that wouldn't spam too many people at once...)


Eve Maler                                         +1 425 947 4522
Principal Engineer                            eve.maler @ sun.com
Business Alliances group                    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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