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Subject: Re: [security-services] NIST prohibits use of SAML assertions atLOA 4

> more generally, rather than pick on SAML, the policy should preclude
> 'browser redirect SSO systems that rely on bearer tokens'

I think 800-63 intends the term "assertions" as a shorthand to mean 
exactly this, where of course this could use some clarification.  In 
NIST's defense, I think the SAML web browser profile was the only non-PKI 
SSO technology standard their constituents (US government agencies, pretty 
much) were asking them to evaluate, hence they weren't motivated to 
evaluate the potential of other profiles or standards.  So a petition from 
a bunch of technology suppliers to certify SAML holder-of-key to be 
as-good-as-PKI for Level 4 might need to be accompanied by statements by 
USG-related entities that they actually want to deploy it.

  - RL "Bob"

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