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Subject: Attestations from Internet2

The latest TC process says a "Statement of Use" is defined as:

"Statement of Use", with respect to a specification, is a written statement
by an OASIS Organizational Member stating that it is successfully using or
implementing that specification in accordance with the conformance clauses
specified in Section 2.18, and stating whether its use included the
interoperation of multiple independent implementations.

So it seems to require a reference to the specific conformance clause being
followed (if there are more than one).

Internet2 is successfully using the "Identity Provider Discovery Service
Protocol and Profile", per section 2.4.1, as both a conforming discovery
service and service provider. Our testing has included multiple
implementations of the DS component.

Internet2 is successfully using the "SAMLv2.0 HTTP POST "SimpleSign"
Binding", per section 1.4.1. Only a pair of dependent implementations have
been tested.

(I know the latter may be irrelevant, since we may be updating the spec.)

-- Scott

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