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Subject: Interoperability Demonstration at HIMSS, April 4-8 2009

OASIS XSPA TC Members and other Interested OASIS Members;


OASIS, in collaboration with HITSP would like to present the following opportunity to our XSPA TC members to participate in an InterOp Demo at HIMSS 2009: http://www.himssconference.org/?src="hhpglb&cof=u.


For those of you not familiar with the HIMMS event, HIMMS/IHE has a special area called the Interoperability Showcase, http://www.Interoperabilityshowcase.org/.


There are two options for participation and we will depend on the participants to decide upon the appropriate option. Please review the two options below and send us your comments and/or commitment.


The goal is to demonstrate the XSPA profile based on HITSP TP 20.  TP 20 can be found at: http://www.hitsp.org/ConstructSet_Details.aspx?&PrefixAlpha=2&PrefixNumeric=20


There are efforts currently underway in XACML, SSTC and WS-SX in support of this effort.  If you received this e-mail because you are a member in one of these TCs you are encouraged to join the Cross-enterprise Security and Privacy Authorization (XSPA) TC and participate in this important event. 


**Based on the requirement of early registration at HIMSS we have to get your commitment by Sept. 30.**





OASIS and HITSP would both participate in the showcase as Organizational Level Participants. OASIS would arrange for a separate booth near the HIMSS Showcase area for the TP-20 (XSPA profile) InterOp.  The space layout would be similar to our last RSA InterOp demonstration.


Special Note:  OASIS would need at least (8) InterOp participants in order to participate.  All InterOp participants will need to commit no later than 30 September.  Also, depending on the amount of interest in the InterOp, the InterOp participant price listed below for this option may increase by 500-1,000USD.  


Cost per InterOp Participant - $4,600 USD



* (1-2) complimentary exhibitor badges per organization

* Access to conference education sessions

* The opportunity to host a private function during the conference

* An InterOp demonstration description in the conference resource guide and pocket guide

* Listing of the InterOp demonstration in the HIMSS Daily News Distributed at show site

* Listing of the InterOp demonstration in the On-Line Conference Exhibitor Guide

* Company logo on InterOp banner in the booth

* Opportunities to participate in many targeted pre-show marketing opportunities

* Company literature option for OASIS Organization kiosk in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase area

* Company highlight in OASIS press release (for foundational and sponsor-level OASIS members only)

* Company's InterOp participation highlighted during OASIS Showcase Theater presentation

* OASIS will produce an InterOp scenario handout to be distributed, including company logo (distributed in both areas)





HITSP would participate in the showcase as Organizational Level Participant. HIMSS indicated that vendor participants will be positioned as close to HITSP pod as possible (unless otherwise noted).


Special Note: All vendors need to sign up by 30 September and attend a mandatory vendor seminar in late October (details still unknown).


All vendor participants will have the option to participate in one of the following levels:


A.) Leadership Level - $17,000



* Featured workstation with a counter and two chairs

* Logo over workstation

* Computer & screen

* Internet connectivity

* Attendee list or lead retrieval system

* Logo & URL in special section of the HIMSS Daily Insider [25,000+!) on one day of the conference

* Banner advertising placement on www.Interoperabilityshowcase.org

* Logo & URL placement in two card packs sent to thousands of targeted U.S. conference prospects

* One 30 minute timeslot in the Showcase Theater

* One printed Interoperability White Paper Success Story in Showcase to be featured at future HIMSS Virtual Conferences

* Vendor's Showcase Theater presentation recorded for replay at multiple upcoming virtual conferences in 2009

* One full complimentary conference registration - $800+ value.

* Two complimentary Exhibit Show Floor client badges


B.) Implementer Level - $8,000



* Workstation with a counter and two chairs

* Logo over workstation

* Computer & screen

* Internet connectivity

* Attendee list or lead retrieval system

* Two complimentary exhibitor passes, fully transferable

* Company's InterOp participation will be highlighted during the OASIS Showcase Theater presentation


C.) Supporter Level - $3,000


* Your logo displayed in the conference Resource Guide, and on website

* Maximize your visibility on the exhibit floor through IHE materials directing attendees to your booth.



All the above packages are further detailed in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase prospectus - http://vendor.himss.org/himss09/docs/Interop09Prospectus.pdf.


Urgent Deadlines and Requirements for participating in the Showcase:


* Vendor sign-up deadline -- 30th September

* Mandatory Workshop for all vendor participants in late October - location, cost, etc...TBD



Dee and Jane


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