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Subject: RE: [security-services] SAML Cook Book

> In a recent Liberty TEG meeting , we talked about the value of a 'SAML
> Cook Book', ideas for which include
> - detailed message sequences for common use cases (the sort of thing we
> have in the Tech Overview)
> - configuration specifics (Liberty's Conformance program has collected a
> bunch of this sort of info)

In what sense? Obviously not product/software config...

> I volunteered to start/coordinate the editing.
> Make sense for saml.xml.org?

I would think so.

> Ideas for other content?

Metadata examples and how-tos?

We just got a question to shibboleth-users from somebody unable to figure
out how to create metadata with the examples we provide, so something
between XML and the spec is apparently helpful.

Pros/cons/gotchas of some of the SAML options.

-- Scott

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