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Subject: draft unofficial SAML logos

A graphic artist I know contributed this draft composite SAML logo idea 
(pro-bono). I was hoping I could host all the files on the saml.xml.org wiki, 
but it appears that one can only upload .jpg, .png, and .tif files. And also 
the image gets re-sized down to something pretty darn small. So that isn't very 
useful. But I did create a page there about it..


I've uploaded all the files (draft-saml-logo-03.{eps,pdf,png,psd,tif}) to the 
"folder A.1: Version 2.0 Outreach" portion of the SSTC doc repository, and so 
there's a series of messages to this list with "draft-saml-logo-03" in the 
subject line, and containing links to each file. A browser-friendly rendering 
is this one..


Note that this logo image is a composite one -- all the various components are 
separable, eg the abstract glyph can be used anywhere in relation to the "SAML" 
text, or not at all, or on it's own. The version text, eg "v2.0", can be 
present or absent.

The logo was originally produced in PhotoShop (.psd), thus it might be editable 
in, eg, GIMP or other vector editors that understand the PhotoShop .psd file 

WRT where to go from here, I guess the TC can decide if (1) it wants to have an 
"official" committee logo for SAML at all, and if so, then (2) whether it wants 
to use this as-is or modify/enhance it. This was pro-bono work and it already 
chewed up some hours on the artist's part (she wishes to remain anonymous btw), 
so I don't know whether we can get mods done by the original artist.

My suggestion is that we work with what we have here. Since the image is a 
composite of several components, we can move them around and alter the text 
ones and create several different overall logos. eg ones for SAMLv2, SAMLv1.1, 
just "SAML", etc.

WRT Liberty Alliance interoperable branding, I can't find a logo there that's 
SAML-specifc. Rather there seems to be just the "Liberty Interoperable(tm)" logo..


..that is generic wrt underlying technology and it seems to apply to those 
having passed "Liberty Interoperability Testing Procedures for SAML...", AFAICT.



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