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Subject: Proposed Agenda for Nov 4 SSTC Conference Call

Proposed Agenda SSTC Conference Call
November 4, 2008, 12:00pm ET

Dial in info: +1 215 446 3648
Access code 270-9441#

Roll Call & Agenda Review

Need a volunteer to take minutes

1. Minutes from SSTC/SAML concall October 21, 2008

2. Document Status

2.1 SAML V2.0 Attribute Extensions Draft 1 uploaded

2.2 SAML V2.0 Holder-of-Key Web Browser SSO Profile

2.3 Cross-Enterprise Security and Privacy Authorization (XSPA) Profile of SAML uploaded

3.  Discussion Threads

3.1 Discussion on whether to specify use of DER to encode certificates  

3.2 Discussion on Metadata Interoperbility Profile

3.3 More good OAuth reference material

3.4 InterOp Demo Proposal | HIMSS 2009 -- REVISED PROPOSAL  

4. Other business

5. Action Items

#0332: Revise Query Extension for SAML AuthnReq
Owner: Sampo Kellomki
Status: Open
Assigned: 2008-05-19
Due: ---

#0333: Publish a new revision of Profile for Use of DisplayName in OASIS template
Owner: Sampo Kellomki
Status: Open
Assigned: 2008-05-19
Due: ---

#0342: revise and re-publish XSPA SAML Profile doc
Owner: David Staggs
Status: Open
Assigned: 2008-10-13
Due: ---


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