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Subject: Re: [security-services] [Fwd: Re: OpenID Mobile Profile?]

thanks scott, below

Scott Cantor wrote:
Paul Madsen wrote on 2009-02-03:
FYI, the OpenID folks are contemplating an artifact mechanism to deal with
mobile client limitations

I can't recall the last time I ran into a phone browser that didn't handle
POST fine, at least on a device anybody would actually use to access the
I believe the concern is the possible absence of javascript for auto-submit, implying a user click
The difference between this flow and the SAML artifact binding is that
in case of SAML, the artifact/ticket is created by the RP and OP goes
and fetch the request from RP.

I don't think they understand that the binding goes either way...
yes, I agree. But, with our binding it is the IDP that sends the artifactresolve message to the SP , and I think thats what Nat is trying to avoid have happen.
-- Scott

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Paul Madsen
e:paulmadsen @ ntt-at.com

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