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Subject: Towards Kerberizing Web Identity and Services: a new publication from the MIT Kerberos Consortium

Forwarding on behalf of Thomas Hardjono and the MIT Kerberos Consortium 

[disclosure: I'm a co-author; synergies between Kerberos and SAML are examined 
in the doc]


Towards Kerberizing Web Identity and Services: a new publication from the
MIT Kerberos Consortium

One of the major goals of the MIT Kerberos Consortium (KIT-KC) is to
establish Kerberos as a ubiquitous authentication mechanism on the Internet
and also to make Kerberos appropriate for new environments. One of the key
efforts within the MIT-KC directed at this goal is the Kerberos-on-the-Web
(Kerb-Web) project.

The Kerberos-on-the-web project seeks initially to investigate the various
aspects of the development and deployment of Kerberos within the Web space.
This includes, among others:

(a) the use of the Kerberos authentication paradigm within the context of
web-authentication and web-services security,

(b) the possible architecture integration and interactions between the
Kerberos infrastructure and web-services security infrastructure,

(c) the possible enhancements of the Kerberos authentication protocol and
Kerberos token in order to address the requirements for Single-Sign-On (SSO)
on the Web and Web Identity Federation, and

(d) the potential re-use of existing Kerberos infrastructure investments in
enterprises and other organizations to support the deployment of
Kerberos-on-the-Web solutions.

In order to provide a starting point and context for discussions going
forward regarding Kerberos-on-the-web, the MIT-KC has issued a new
publication entitled "Towards Kerberizing Web Identity and Services". This
publication can be found in the following location:


Additionally, as an accompaniment to this new publication the MIT-KC has
created a new mailing-list dedicated to Kerberos-on-the-Web: mitkc-web@mit.edu
This mailing-list aims to be an open venue where issues and challenges in
bringing Kerberos to the Web can be discussed. All are invited to subscribe 


The MIT-KC is seeking feedback and input specifically on the above publication.
These can be addressed to the mitkc-web@mit.edu mailing list, and/or the 
MIT-KC strategic advisor Thomas Hardjono <hardjono@MIT.EDU>, and/or to the 
publication authors.


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