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security-services message

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Subject: Re: [security-services] Minutes for your review.

Title: Re: [security-services] Minutes for your review.
Done, and attached.


On 3/10/09 11:38 AM, "Frederick Hirsch" <frederick.hirsch@nokia.com> wrote:

+ New 1.1 version of XML Signature and XML Encryption change mandatory
algorithms, including addition of Elliptic Curve algorithms.  The W3C
working group does not have consensus on this and is looking for
+ New Derived Key specification and Signature Properties specification
+ Proposals for changes in 2.0 version of Signature, including Use
Cases/Requirements as well as Transform Simplification proposal, for
feedback and comment.
+ XML Security Algorithms reference that lists various XML Security
algorithms and associated URIs

The XML Signature Best Practices document has also been updated.

This work is of potential interest to SSTC members.


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